Boston Pizza Pizzaburger From the menu to morning shows

How we got journalists to wrap their brains (and jaws) around the Pizzaburger

Boston Pizza Pizzabuger

Just in time for the 2013 NHL Playoff season, Boston Pizza launched a food combination that seemed too incredible to be true: a half-pound prime rib bacon burger wrapped pizza dough with pepperoni toppings and baked to order (aka The Pizzaburger).

For a food item as stand-out as The Pizzaburger, we needed a unique way to deliver the news, so we devised a strategy to piggyback on the April Fool's Day news cycle. Leading up to April Fool's Day we shot three short teaser videos with the head chef at Boston Pizza showing him wrapping various food products in pizza dough, ending each video with the hashtag #CouldItBe. We also took a food truck to various locations and sampled The Pizzaburger to record reaction to the product.


The videos garnered significant buzz and attention when they were distributed to media and online influencers, who watched, shared and speculated about the new food creation. On April 1st we shared a satirical video and press release stating that Boston Pizza would use dough instead of bread and buns for all food creations moving forward. Later that day, we followed up with product sampling for media and revealed that the morning’s release was a joke, but The Pizzaburger was in fact not a hoax.