Sun Life Financial – Engaging consumers earlier in the purchase journey

How Sun Life became a publisher to attract, engage and convert readers into customers.

Sun Life Financial –

The Challenge

While is effective in reaching audiences already aware of Sun Life Financial, the organization lacked a way to engage consumers earlier in the sales cycle – before they had considered Sun Life or were even aware their needs might be met by a financial product. Research pointed to a major opportunity: Sun Life could become a publisher by sharing content that attracts, engages and converts readers into customers. By engaging with audiences with valuable content, there was a real opportunity to gently, and naturally nudge them towards solutions offered by Sun Life Financial.

The Approach

High Road’s approach focused on creating “magnetic” content that would be seen as credible, seem unbiased and avoid heavy-handed marketing tactics. Because this is difficult to do on a dedicated marketing site—like—we recommended a separate, dedicated content platform that, while tightly aligned and seamlessly linked to, is one step removed from products and services. But because this content platform provides calls to action to visit and its related properties it reinforces, rather than dilutes the brand.

Enter ( - an innovative content marketing platform that extends beyond the website to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube in an effort to help Canadians answer their money, health, family and career questions.

To launch our work was focused in three distinct streams:

Content creation

High Road created an editorial team to work seamlessly with Sun Life’s Brighter Life editor, creating an editorial plan which would take into account key topic areas and deliver valuable and informative content via articles, videos and infographics.

Content delivery

High Road led the development of the Brighter Life platform, beginning with information architecture, through to creative design, web development, content population, quality assurance and launch.

Content activation

High Road led the development of an in-depth marketing plan. From the development of social media channels on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, to search engine optimization, influencer relations and social media monitoring, to content partnerships and paid content marketing, High Road was responsible for getting Brighter Life content in front of the audiences that matter most to Sun Life Financial.


Since launch,’s traffic is on track to rise exponentially, putting it on an excellent trajectory to become a major source of new web leads in Canada for Sun Life Financial. has been awarded more than a dozen industry awards and was named one of Content Marketeer’s Top 50 Brands to Watch.