By Neil Johnson

Over a year ago, when we set out to refresh our brand, we knew it was important to expressly state what everyone who works and hangs with High Road instinctively knows and feels about High Road.

That essence had never been put on paper before, but after many coffees, friendly disagreements, rewrites, beers, angry disagreements, more rewrites, and a-ha moments, we make it personal was born. We knew immediately that we had it right because it captured the duality of everything we stand for and how we work.

First, we make it personal represents our defense of relationships and personalization in their truest forms. We understand and embrace how algorithm-driven technology is redefining what personalization means to marketers. We do that too, but it’s not what sets us apart. We still like to look media, influencers and consumers in the eye. Our brand stands for the value of making real connections with real people.

Second, we make it personal represents the intensity of purpose that burns in all of us. It’s never just business; it’s always personal. Our brand stands for our attitude; our edge; the commitment we make and our resolve to see it through. 

We Make it Personal