To highlight our amazing intern program, the High Road team set out to explain the many benefits of starting a career as an intern with High Road. Instead, we made our interns do it for us.

Here’s the scoop from three of our best, Arielle Bourgoin from Montreal, Janelle Lee from Toronto and Brooke Anderson from Ottawa.

What does a typical day look like for an intern?

Arielle: A typical day ... I’m still wondering! In general, we have a vague idea of what the day will look like, but most of the time a request comes in, a deadline changes, a colleague needs a hand and the day changes completely. It is an environment that I like and that I’m comfortable with. You ask about a typical day, but sometimes you don’t even know what the next hour is going to look like!

Janelle: I hate to break it to you but each day is not typical. Not at High Road. Every day, I do a little bit of monitoring to see what’s going on online. Some days I’m writing copy for social channels or a blog post. Other days I’m researching for clients or outreaching to influencers. There are days when I’m building an app or website wireframes in preparation for development, or I’m pulling data and creating measurement reports. The best days are when I get to do all of the above!

Brooke: The cool thing about being an intern at High Road is you get the chance to touch so many different accounts. One day you’re pulled in to help out with new business research; the next you’re being tapped to write social media content. It’s very collaborative and silo-free. If you express interest in a certain industry or type of work, people will try to accommodate that. Everyone is extremely supportive and friendly.   

What has been your favourite project to work on so far?

Arielle: That's a tough question ... There are so many projects, clients and different mandates. There are tasks I prefer, but generally what I like the most is to move from one universe to another. Whether it’s video games, the beauty industry, environment, travel, or food! If I had to choose one project, I would probably say my work with La Roche-Posay. We often have product launches which lead to many interactions with the media. I love beauty in general and their products so it's not difficult for me to talk about it for hours!

Janelle: Hands down, it has to be the Amex-Fairmont Discover Your Travel Style App. It was my first time working on an app and so it was pretty exciting! It was an insightful experience, too, because I learned a lot about back end development that, as users, we don’t normally think of.

Brooke: That’s so hard to answer! Sobeys is a lot of fun because I get to work on their editorial calendar writing social posts – something I never dreamed I’d do if you’d asked me a year or two ago. It’s incredible how much thought and strategy are behind every post. The character limits are challenging, but I enjoy the creativity and collaboration. I’m definitely inspired to cook more, too!

What’s your best advice for a prospective High Road intern?

Arielle: That would probably be to make the most of the experience. I remember when I first started I was told that we learn and do so many things at High Road that after only a few weeks it seems like you’ve been there for much longer. It's totally true! We are working on several projects and we're surrounded by a great team so it's impossible not to learn tons of things. It's time to gain experience and to ask all the questions you might have.

Janelle: Get as much experience as you can! I discovered early on what I was passionate about so I hunted down communications-related opportunities – volunteering, interning, and working. If you’re still figuring it out, put yourself out there and try. There’s nothing to lose by simply trying.

Brooke: It’s never too early to get on High Road’s radar. Reach out to High Roaders and get to know each other. Learn as much as you can about the agency and bring your resume or portfolio to review and get feedback. Follow High Road’s social channels so you’re always in the loop, and don’t be afraid to engage online. #WeMakeitPersonal!